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A typical day during a Shambhala retreat looks like this:

We typically have no breakfast. We highly recommend that you follow our 2 meals a day routine to benefit the most from the program both in terms of weight loss and detoxification.

(Should you however choose to stick to a 3 meal a day routine, your day will start with a HiLiLoCaaP* breakfast. This could include Beacon and Eggs, an Omlet, Yoghurt with nuts and seeds or even homemade Keto Bread with homemade Chia, Raspberry Jam.)

During the day you can drink any amount of Coffee, Tea or other beverages such as Lemon Grass Ice Tea or water with electrolytes as supplied by us. Your minimum calculated liquid intake amount must however be met. HiLiLoCaaP Mocktails are available at the pool bar.


At 9 am we typically go for our morning walk on the beach. This is in the shape of a group power walk with a few stops along the way where we bring up our heart rate. Alternately we have other exercises or go to the Gym.

For Guests with impaired mobility or injuries, we have specialised exercise equipment.


You then have free time until lunch.


At 13h00 we have lunch which can be any of our filling Keto menus and often comes in the form of a great Salad with Salmon, Chicken, Prawns or other delicacies. Once you have settled into the program, you won't be feeling hungry, neither before nor after lunch.

For those who want to learn about keto, healthy nutrition in general, how to continue the program at home and how to keep the weight off after the retreat, we provide optional theory lessons after lunch on most weekdays.


Afternoons are generally free time and may include one of the many activities available on-site or on the island. Lounging at the beachfront infinity pool and enjoying one of the specially formulated HiLiLoCaaP mocktails in the water, at the pool bar is a very popular option.


In the evenings, usually at 19h00 dinner is served. You will be surprised at the variety and the gourmet factor of the food that can be served under this substantial weight loss regime. For sure you will not be hungry.


During dinner or thereafter at the bar, the lifestyle component of the calorie calculation gets rewarded. Those who have opted to do so, get to enjoy the equivalent of 2 white wine spritzers from the HiLiLoCaaP drinks list. Alternately the "lifestyle calorie" contingent can be converted into a "sweet" treat or a healthy snack.

It's entirely up to you.

We will attempt to accommodate requests such as outings or special menus wherever possible and ensure that these fit within the daily calculations of the program.

As every person is different and the basal metabolic rate of each individual varies greatly, it is therefore impossible to predict the rate of weight loss during the course of the program.

Guests which have more weight to lose can expect the biggest weight loss while those fighting to loose the last few stubborn kilos may require a bit more time to reach their target.

Whatever your personal goals, we will help you achieve them and can coach you on how to continue your weight loss journey or keep your weight with simple lifestyle hacks, after returning back home.


We view this program as a dietary intervention, not a lifestyle.

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