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At 9 am we usually go for our morning walk on the beach. This is a group power walk with some stops along the way to bring up our heart rate. Alternately we can do other exercises or go to the gym. We then have free time until lunch.



Afternoons are free and may include one of the many activities available on-site or on the island. Lounging at the beachfront, enjoying our infinity pool while sipping one of our mocktails is always a popular option.


After dinner, you are free to spend your evening. Optionally, you can enjoy the equivalent of two white wine spritzers from our HiLiLoCaaP drinks list. Alternatively, you can opt for a sweet treat or a healthy snack.


We recommend that you follow our 2 meals a day routine to benefit the most from the program  both in terms of  weight loss and detoxification.


Should you however choose to stick to a 3 meal a day routine, your day will start with a HiLiLoCaaP breakfast. This can include bacon and eggs, an omelet or yoghurt with nuts and seeds or even home made Keto bread with home made chia pudding and raspberry jam.


At 13h00, we have lunch which can be any of our filling keto menu’s which often comes in the form of a delicious Salad with Salmon, Chicken, Prawns or other delicacies.


In the evenings, usually at 19h30, dinner is served. You will be surprised by the variety and the deliciousness of the food that will be served.

You definitely won't go to sleep hungry!

What our guests say

Telly Salvans

I love it baby


Zij zijn groot en ik zijn klein

HRM The Queen

Good memories are our second chance at happiness.

Peter Repeater

Who does one think one is?

is a ketogenic weight loss,

detox and functional nutrition program.  

These testimonials are 100% real comments and effective weight-loss results received from our Shambhalife program participants.

A day at Shambhalife



is an on-site ketogenic weight loss,

detox and functional nutrition program.  

We are located at Shambhala beach resort on the island of Koh Chang, (Trad province) in Thailand.

With its absolute beachfront location, the resort offers unparalleled, direct access to a 2 km long, sandy, private beach and several swimming pools.

We are a lifestyle-focused resort and believe that weight loss can be a fun, enjoyable and delicious experience.
Our weight loss program focuses on a HiLiLoCaaP dietary program (Hi Lipid, Low Carbohydrate, adequate Protein) which has its roots in the Ketogenic diet. We pair this with several other techniques to maximize weight loss with as little as possible discomfort and almost no hunger or cravings.  Our unique combination of ketogenic nutrition, fasted, moderate exercise, natural supplementation and lifestyle hacks make the program focus on reducing primarily body fat.


The program will keep you feeling great, long after you leave our shores.

We will teach you how to keep feeling great and keep your weight in check back home.

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