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Food & Drinks

Most of our weight loss guests follow a 500 - 1000 kcal daily deficit regime in the form of individually calculated and cooked ketogenic menus. Trust us, you will not feel hungry while in Ketosis.

Lunch is served in the form of a wholesome salad with Chicken, Salmon, Tuna,... or how about spinach and cheese with a poached Egg Benedict?

Dinner is usually a 2-course meal with either a soup, salad or a starter, a main course and/or a dessert.

Yes, we do serve things such as Chocolate Mousse during the program.


Typical Keto menus include:

- Pork Chops with Sauerkraut

- Salmon Steak with Asparagus & Sauce Hollandaise

- String beans and smoked Pork Belly

- Fondue Bourgignonne (Pork & Beef tenderloin cooked at the table in oil)

- Air fried Chicken Drumsticks with Spinach and Cheese

- Sashimi

- Teppanyaki Table Grill

- Beef Tenderloin with fried Garlic Kale

- Baked Catfish with Dill Sauce & Broccoli

- Rack of slow-cooked Ribbs with mashed Cauliflower

- Shirataki Spaghetti Bolognese with parmesan cheese

Some Favourites from our Thai kitchen Keto Recipies:

- Pad Krapow Moo/Nua/Gai

 (spicy pork, beef  or chicken with Thai basil and riced Cauliflower)

- Laab Moo

 (pork with Thai herbs and mint with Shirataki rice)

- Tom Kha Gai

 (chicken coconut cream soup) 

... and many more recipes.

If your partner would like to come along and neither lose weight nor detox, we also offer an extensive a la Carte Menu.

Or if they prefer, we can serve Low Carb healthy meal plans for both dieters and non-dieters as well.


During a Ketogenic Diet, you will need to drink a lot. So during the day, we have a wide variety of drinks available.

Apart from plenty of water, supplemented with electrolytes, there is a free flow of coffee, iced coffee, several types of tea and iced tea as well as iced, self picked lemongrass tea.

And even some special HiLiLoCaaP mocktails await you at the pool bar!

We adapt the program to meet your individual needs and preferences in many respects. This can include a moderate amount of alcohol if you choose so.


For many people socializing in the evening with a drink is a substantial and pleasurable Lifestyle component.

Our specialized HiLiLoCaaP Drinks Menu also offers a wide variety of Keto Mocktails (without alcohol) as well as Keto, Low Carb, Low Cal, no-sugar Cocktails and drinks. 


Many guests opt for white wine or Prosecco spritzers as these are the lowest in calories. How you spend your "Lifestyle Calorie Contingency" is up to you.

Delicious FOOD takes a central role:


It is not often that a weight loss retreat will put its culinary offerings as an essential element of the program.


Well, we are different.

Here it’s exactly all about the food.


All food is freshly prepared, home-cooked, meticulously designed and calculated to ensure just the right macronutrient ratios and calorie count for every individual guest for every course of every meal. 

The primary reason why people fail at home with low carb, high lipid diets is because these are really very tricky nutrition plans. All menus must be designed and carefully calculated and adapted to the caloric goals and metabolic rates of each individual person.

A thorough understanding of the topic and nutrition science knowledge, in general, is required to design and calculate real ketogenic meals.

At home, people often fail due to this overwhelming and time-intensive task. Precisely weighing all ingredients and cooking exactly according to individually calculated menus is an effort that most working people do not have the time for, next to their day job.

Unfortunately, many ketogenic recipe books are more low carb than keto and are often called “keto-friendly”. With such "keto-friendly" recipes, you can neither enter into nor stay in ketosis, rendering all your effort obsolete.

We at Shambhalife retreat are proud of our comprehensive, self-designed collection of real ketogenic menus providing our guests with a gourmet experience while being on a diet.

If you like, we will teach you how to design and calculate such menus during your stay with us. We will also introduce you to some important life hacks to help you manage your weight better after the program.  

We take pride in the fact that everything we do at Shambhalife is deeply rooted in and doubtlessly proven by state of the art science and as such, is fully understood by the principals of the program.

We continually update the program to keep up with the most current scientific research and the latest studies in the field of nutrition, detox and weight loss.

As we have stated before, we see this type of nutrition plan as a dietary intervention for a specific goal, for a restricted period of time and not as a permanent lifestyle.


What to eat after your retreat, is also part of the theoretical knowledge we will provide to you during the program, should you wish to participate in the theory lessons and discussions.  

We try to incorporate local Thai food adapted to our macronutrient ratios as much as possible. You can therefore be assured that the menus will not get boring over time even if you stay with us for an extended period.

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