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These testimonials are 100% real comments and effective weight-loss results, from our Shambhalif program participants. Note: some names were changed to respect our guest’s privacy.



Prof. Dr. med. Werner Kurotschka:

" I would like to thank the Shambhala team for an extraordinary weight loss retreat and give the following statement:

While looking for diet possibilities I came across Shambhalife. What convinced me was that based on a Ketogenic Diet in combination with other finely tuned techniques, a convincing complete concept is offered by the program. Having started the retreat very sceptically the following was the conclusion: In just 10 days I lost 3kg (6.6 pounds) of weight and reduced my belly circumference by 3cm (1.2 inches) such as that I can tighten my belt again. This was not without the occasional hunger feeling which was however very bearable. What I found most exciting was the fact that I did not have to miss great food. All dishes were very tasty and each individually prepared by the Masterchef in a unique variety. "

weight loss (10 days): 3 kg

waistline reduction (10 days): 3 cm


“ I have joined this program several times, it really works, every time. Counterintuitively, my blood lipid values improved substantially during the program. Total cholesterol down, good cholesterol up, bad cholesterol down and triglycerides also down.

A life-changing experience! “

total program weight loss: 16 kg

total program waistline reduction: 15 cm


" As a Type 2 Diabetic, during the entire program, I did not need to inject insulin even once, which I did daily before I joined. My blood sugar was stable, I felt good,  and the food was very good. I will definitely join again. "

(no weight loss was desired so no Caloric deficit was planned)


“ Great food, no hunger. It was nice to join in to support my husband and lose a few kilos and detox on the way. The theoretical knowledge we received during the program really opened my eyes with regards to weight management and healthy nutrition.”

total program weight loss: 3.5 kg

total program waistline reduction: 5 cm


“ I really enjoyed the food. It was always enough and I was never hungry. The lifestyle calorie component is a real treat every evening. My blood pressure stabilised so I dropped the medication. My knee stopped hurting after losing weight and the moderate exercise.  “

total program weight loss: 11 kg

total program waistline reduction: 16 cm



“ I have tried many diets all my life and was therefore sceptical about this program. However, it performed exactly as advertised and it's the first time on a diet that I was not hungry. “

total program weight loss: 6 kg

total program waistline reduction: 12 cm



“ My blood pressure dropped from lifelong very high levels to almost normal within the first week of the program. I stopped taking my blood pressure medication and my blood pressure remained stable for many weeks after the end of the program. I will definitely be back “

total program weight loss: 9 kg

total program waistline reduction: 12 cm


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