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Our Artisanal  

home-made gourmet delicacies

House Cured Meats

We house-cure ham, bacon, salami and several other speciality sausages. All of our cures contain only natural ingredients and no nitrates or conservatives.

Fermented low-Carb Ketchup

Freshly made from real tomatoes, we add no sugar and no conservatives. Only natural ingredients and at least 14 days of lacto- fermentation result in a tasty, healthy, low carb, keto friendly Ketchup.

Low-Carb Breads

A range of low carb and keto friendly breads and rolls made from nut flours or coconut flour and several husks and seeds. Available in loafs or rolls as well as hamburger buns. 

House Smoked Meats

Cold smoking food in the tropics is a tricky business. Temperature and humidity must be kept just right throughout the multi day smoking process. All our smoked foods are house cured prior to smoking and therefore contain only natural ingredients and no nitrates or conservatives.

Low Carb and Keto friendly Sauces 

Our ever extending range of sauces are typically low carb and keto friendly. They include only natural ingredients, no preservatives and no added sugar.

Low Carb Raspberry Chia Jam

Our Low Carb / Keto Raspberry Chia Seed Jam is fully keto and very low in calories. Using only natural products and erythritol and no conservatives.

Gourmet     Deliciousness


​Whatever we do, we always do it with pure passion to deliver the best.

This is how we enjoy our life: by exceeding your (and our own) expectations.

One of our treasured initiatives is our own in-house kitchen where we create healthy, low carb and keto-friendly foods and ingredients.

These artisan foods and ingredients are all proudly handmade by us on the island of Koh Chang at our beachfront kitchen and are available for consumption on-site, take away or online order with delivery or shipment to your home.

All of these delicacies are created meticulously locally at Shambhala, by our own team. Some hams can take months to mature, for you (and us) to experience exquisite deliciousness.


Many of our guests have already fallen in love with our homemade delicacies.

Come and try for yourself to take these Koh Chang home-produced delicacies home, to enjoy yourself or present them as a gift to your friends and family.

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