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The Program

An Amazing Holiday

Food & Drinks

Pure Deliciousness


Plenty of Things To Do... or not

Why it Works

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Lose weight and improve your health  

while enjoying life to the full, in style

on a tropical island paradise

Shambhalife retreat is a ketogenic weight loss and detox program that is based at Shambhala Beach Resort on the island of Koh Chang, (Trad) in Thailand. With its absolute beachfront location, it offers unparalleled, direct access to a 2 km long, sandy, private beach and several swimming pools. 
We are a lifestyle-focused resort and believe that weight loss can be fun and enjoyable. 
We focus on a HiLiLoCaaP dietary program (Hi Lipids, Low Carbohydrate, adequate Protein) which has its roots in the Ketogenic Diet and pair this with several other techniques to maximise weight loss with as little as possible discomfort and no hunger or cravings. The program has an intrinsic, full-body detox built-in and will leave you feeling great long after you leave our shores. 
If you like, we'll teach you how to keep feeling that way and keep your weight in check back home.

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